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African Youth Summit 2020

Africa Youth Summit 2020 Details

Theme: Light Up Africa

Date: Thursday 19th to Friday 20th November, 2020.
Time: 9am Daily.
Venue:Foreign Affairs Conference Hall, Federal Secretariat, Abuja Nigeria.

Registration Closes 2nd November, 2020.

For more information about conference,
Call: +2347039108833, +2348034982122, +2348120043990

International Participants
Fee: $104 USD(Dollars), including Accommodation/Feeding

Register Here ( NON Nigerians )

Nigerian Participants
Fee: Working class: N10,000
Students & Corp Members: N3,000 (Come with School ID Card or Corp Member ID. This covers for
  • Conference Materials
  • Conference Certificate

Register Here

You can dwnload any version of the flyer; English or the French version


Theme: Light Up Africa



Date: November Thursday 19th - Friday 20th - November, 2020.

Time: 9am Daily.

Venue: Forign Affairs Conference Hall, Federal Secretariat, Abuja Nigeria

Registration Closes 2nd November, 2020

About the Conference

Africa is our continent and it is our home, the countries therein and its inhabitants have not taken her rightful place in the world stage because we have not taken care of her - Africa. Some will tell you that Africa is dying, and rightfully so. We believe here that she, AFRICA is sick and in the emergency room. The leadership seems directionless and like a ship without a rudder, the continent is getting better defined as vision-less.

Africa, either by design or make, has found herself and her citizens being drowned by varying manner and nature of unimaginable weights. We have found ourselves in the midst of obstacles that have prevented us from the common characteristics associated with what we should be. The concerns here is that all of Africa's troubles are all man-made challenges that we can do without. 

In Africa burden of leadership is weightier under the tombs of self-absorbed supposed-strongmen masking as leaders. The continent is in dire need of YOU! leaders,  young, vibrant leaders, and other visionaries that are willing to work very hard and work even until the task is done. Levers of leadership that are willing to be the Trim Tabs that are ready to assist in loosening the vice like grip of martinets that have found their ways in places of authorities. 

Africa needs you to come, come evaluate these self-serving and deceitful educational systems, re-evaluate these poverty-breading economic policies, examine these accelerating and retrogressive, and self-destructing programs. We say self-destructive because a process that is not advancing or in the process of growth is part of the decay. Stating this is simply lending a voice to an already overstated fact. The degradation is fast and now in view and fact becoming normalcy. The most awful part of this discussion is that prognosis appears gloomy with no solutions in the works. 

Africans appear to be intelligent enough to discern problems, but at the same time, inhibited by the hypnotism of some sort from desiring, finding and implementing solutions. 

Our Economies

The definition of the African economy is chaos, madhouse, and poverty. Most of our national economic policies are made and driven by people who cannot manage a local store in a remote village. Some of these people have no idea of what negative impact an unguided statement made by a President or an Economic Minister can make on the health of a country's economy. Some dip their hands into the national coffers as if it is their purse. 

The reality is that most people who engage in politics in Africa are there for one singular objective: to have access to public treasuries, loot the resources and live happily ever after. Is it a wonder why they commit all manner of crimes to get to power? It is normal in Africa to see people who steal, lie, cheat, blackmail, kidnap, maim, kill and break the laws of the land, left, right and center just to clinch power. Is it a wonder why our elections are battles and wars? Look around and see rivers of blood across Africa over leadership tussles. 

One can state without fear or favor that political violence across Africa has nothing with leadership! Rather, it has everything to do with criminally minded individuals whose only source of livelihood is looting from public funds. The mindset of most African leaders can simply be summarized as how can I get more cash?. This is why contracts are awarded, payments made in full, but no work will be done. 

Many Africans think wealth is the same as cash. We are brought up to believe that our problem is the lack of cash. That leads to the generally accepted perceptions that where ever there is cash, people are ready to do all things humanly possible to get there. Endemic Corruption in Africa is just the symptom of character deficits in the popular personal and group pshyque and philosophy.

While the economic policies of most developed nations can be summarized as Create, Produce and Export, that of most of the African nations can be summarized as follows: Get cash, Import and Consume. The world over, Creativity and productivity remain the bedrock of growing economies. On a general level, any nation with more imports than exports will have a trade deficit. If there are advantages of such deficits, we are yet to see them in Africa. Most of our economies are battling inflations and devaluing currencies. Yet, most of our bilateral trade agreements with developed nations always end up in favor of the other side. 

Often, our leaders sign documents without understanding the implications. A production-based economy will do far better than a consumption-based one. This is simple economics.

Most of the people who find themselves in our corridor of power are too eager to sell off our natural resources at whatever terms, provided they will lay their filthy hands on some hot and free cash. They dont care about developing private sectors of their respective nations. Manufacturers struggle to produce under harsh conditions, so our industries are mostly an unscalable “hole-in-the-wall.” 

The work-force of most developed nations are absorbed by the private sector. In Africa, a greater percentage of our employees are working for Governments. That is part of the mysteries of the high cost of governance in Africa. 

When will Africa experience her own industrial revolution? What is the reason behind our reliance on imported food for survival? Data has it that 68% of our lands are arable land. Even if we can't produce fighter jets, why can't we produce enough cassava and corn? Even if not for exports, at least enough for us not to die of hunger. 

Unfortunately, we sell our natural resources, only to spend all the returns on importing the processed products that we just sold on the cheap. We use some to buy arms and other weapons that assist us in fighting and killing one another over man made and preventable unrest. Funds leftover from wastes and mismanagements are stashed away in foreign banks by our very aloof so called-leaders; for themselves and their generations. We not sure of their intentions but someone reminded us that it was for everlasting opulence of their children and an everlasting inheritance for their generations yet to be born. These, right here, tells the mystery story the reason Africa is in the poor it is. 


Here is a paradox; we are endowed with natural and human resources, yet live in abject poverty. The secret of developed nations is human capital development. Humans design and produce things. So, wise nations develop their human capital. Once a nation has human capital, its natural resources can be harnessed, processed and managed. The human brain is the foremost natural resource. Furthermore, the brain of a properly developed human can create and produce anything imaginable. The process of this development of human capital is known as education. 

Unfortunately, the kind of education we have in Africa does not seek to develop the brains (consequently mindsets) of the leaners. Rather, most of the processes end up killing the creative and productive abilities of our best brains. 

The best our graduates come out with are abilities to communicate in languages of our colonization. Besides, these milled educated young adults are handed impotent papers called certificates. Most of them come out of school without acquiring any serious knowledge let alone developing skills. They cannot solve any problems. 

While we focus on learning definitions in foreign languages and call it education, developed nations are advancing in Science, Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Commerce, Government, Etc.

To grow our economy, we need to redefine education. Our present curriculum must change. We have to shift emphasis from book only kind of education and put energy on developing the creative and productive abilities of our younger generations. Theories without practical applications are not but mere stories. While kids in China are competing on designs of next-generation smartphones and electronic games, our graduates are dying to at least own one of their gadgets. 

Till today, most of our resources are managed by expatriates because we are not sure of the manpower and other resources. Honestly, it stinks to think we are independent. 

Also, the emphasis on these languages of our colonial masters must give way to an emphasis on knowledge acquisition and skills development. We are today suffering from inferiorly complex because we have lost our identities as Africans. We need to experiment with learning in our local languages while studying foreign languages on their merits.

At the moment, most of our youths are scrambling to run overseas, either in search of greener pastures or to acquire real education. By nature, humans are built for self-preservation but here, in Africa, the live motto of many Africans is: get out of Africa or die trying. And in reality, many of them are dying while trying to cross bodies of water that separate the continents.

Those who have no alternative but to stay and study at home, end up discouraged after graduation. Graduates are trouping out of citadels of learning with no skills, and little or no hope of getting hired: there are no jobs. The few existing ones are given to the less qualified who happens to know someone up there. 

We cannot but cry out, Where are our leaders?”


It is only in Africa that incompetent, visionless, unqualified and even outright criminal-minded fellows are elected into positions of leadership. Most of them are not even educated enough to articulate National Problems, let alone formulate viable economic policies. Africa is under leaders who are blind, insensitive and callous. 

Where are the African intellectuals when the half-witted rule over lands? Where are our men of integrity when the corrupt run our affairs? Why must Africa allow visionless people to occupy the most important positions in lands while men of purpose and vision are wasting away? The lands of Africa are crying for help against violent men who ruin our lives. Unfortunately, our peacemakers are scared off from the corridors of power. 

The worst part is, our leadership selection processes are often manipulated by people of other continents especially those from whom we have gained the so-called independence. They often see to it that stooges who will do their biddings win our elections. 

Elections in most parts of Africa is nothing, but there's rarely an effective and efficient election held with integrity in most countries. elections are transmuted to become selections. They barely mean much. 

Individuals who dared to raise their heads as real leaders among us are hacked down by these external forces, using their ever-successful divide and rule tactics. If they don't divide us along ethnic lines, they will employ religious lines. For example, Cameroon is at a deadly war for a silly division of French-speaking versus English speaking. Yet France and England are allies. They are not at war. 

How long shall we remain in this cauldron of divided confusion? How come we never have people with leadership abilities to lead us?

It is time we examine the processes through which people with questionable characters emerge as our leaders. 

Something is wrong with the definition, perceptions, and interpretations of democracy in Africa. There is no cookie-cutter to the practices of democracy, it is a framework of some sort that is localized to suit the immediate populace. Britain has democracy but exactly like it is interpreted and practiced in the USA. It is time we define democracy that is confined to what works here. Democracy works but, a verbatim copy of what works in America or Canada may not do the same here. The cultures of each country is different, and what they literally practice may not suit us here in Africa. 

There is a need for an urgent review of our democratic processes. In other sane climes, the ballot box defines accepted people's choice but here! Here in African nations, the ballot box rather than reveal the peoples choice, is used to impose persons that rather have been rejected by popular vote. 

If we choose bad leaders, we have no choice but to lick our wounds brought by ineffectiveness and inefficiencies of those that we choose and hopefully lessons are learnt. On the other hand, when bad leaders are imposed on us, the pains are severe and missed opportunities of good governance devastatingly marked. 

The ugly truth is, the imported ballot box has failed us. There exists somewhere, 'an African ballot box' with which we can choose credible visionaries and patriotic leaders without manipulations by both internal and external forces. 

Africa, There Is Hope

There is hope for Africa. Every Problem Has A Complementary Solution.

To start with, we wish to state clearly that all our problems as Africans have solutions! 

Secondly, we wish to sound it out loud and clear that only Africans can genuinely solve Africa's problems. 

Thirdly, we wish to make it known that other continents have their challenges too, and they are wise and responsible enough to take their destinies into their own hands. Africans, on the other hand, appear subdued, we have become tentative as a result. Passivity is cowardice in practices. 

A new dawn is here, a season for Paradigm Shift and a time to do something progressively different. We have to take our destiny into our hands and direct it to where we need to.

The truth is, Africa has made significant advancements in recent years, and each incremental improvement unlocks the potential for future improvement. In stark contrast to the notion of a dark continent, Africa today is home to millions of bright, motivated people whose primary goal is to build great African nations for Africans by Africans. We have great patriots who love our motherlands to death. 

Also, outdated attitudes and perceptions about Africa frequently overshadow the continents attractiveness for investment. However, the disconnect between perception and reality has created significant opportunities for investors willing to roll up their sleeves and put boots on the ground.

According to Henry Morton Stanley, Africa is the second-most populated continent, and the African people account for about 15% of the worlds total inhabitants. Between 1975 and 2000, Africa's population expanded from 416 million to 811 million. And the continents population is now well over one billion, of which 355 million are already considered middle class. Most projections indicate that this population expansion will continue. Furthermore, according to economic data from the World Bank, Africa includes seven of the top 10 fastest-growing countries globally. Regarding resources, the continent has 12% of the worlds oil reserves and 42% of its gold.

African youths are calling for a Brighter Continent and urges all to shift in our thinking about Africa. It is time to Light Up Africa.”

Main Objectives Of The Summit.

To bring representatives of diaspora youth platforms/organizations to present their views to Africans on critical issues on how to move our continent forward with emphasis on Economy, Education, Leadership and Technology. 

To increase the participation of young people in African co-operations and reinforce youth employment especially through creativity and productivity. 

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the needs and challenges of young people and youth civil society in Africa, including common and diverging themes as well as potential avenues for solutions.

Expected Participate:

Youth Leaders, African Heads/Representatives of Governments, Presidential Delegations, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Principal Officers in Federal and State Legislatures, Serving Chiefs and Heads of Africa's Organizations, Heads of Multinational Businesses operating in Africa, private sector leaders, development stakeholders, notable institutions, technocrats, academics, professionals, diplomats, Civil Society Organizations.

African Youth Mentorship and Entrepreneurship Hub.  

Following the vision of the Diamond Youth Transformation Initiative/Nigerian Youth Decide, the International leadership of the organizations in their commitment to training and empowering the African youths to become active contributors in nation building have constructively planned an innovative program that would be taking place in line with the African Youth Summit 2020. 

At the African Youth Summit, we shall be launching a initiative, called; "Africa Mentorship/Entrepreneurship Hub."

This program was designed to train and guide the African youths on handy means of doing businesses, the know-how, connect them, create ideas that would assist and empower the African youths with career focus. 

Mentorship: This would be focusing on Personal Transformation, Self Discovery, Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service Skillls and the feasible means to start a business and how to strategically run it successfully.

Entrepreneurship: This would be creating a platform that can enable the youths harness their potentials and channel their energies properly for economic growth and development, the New breed of African Youths that would be given opportunities to assess grants after a successful training for the youths in Africa within which at least two (2) successful youths from each African country would be given the necessary financial mobilizations to start up their businesses, alongside, they would also be given at least one year mentorship assistance.

During the upcoming summit, an app, called; "YouthCreate" would be launched. This app will serve as a system that can enable us collate the data of all the youths from the Africa Continent, this would enable them to apply for the Grants. It would also serve as the platform for coordination, training schedules for the youths and monitoring of the whole process of the proposed empowerment program.


Registration is ongoing!

Powered by Diamond Youth(DYTI) and Nigerian Youth Decide(NYD)

  1. H.E Ambassador Dr .Arikana chihombori _Quao.
    Fmr A U representative to USA.
    Keynote speaker.

  2. Chairman Omali Yeshitela
    Chairman African Socialist.

  3. Agrippa Ezozo,
    Founder/ President
    African Diaspora Foundation

  4. Franklyn Richardson
    Nation Action Network USA

  5. Al Sharpton
    President, Nation Action Network/ Fmr USA Presidential Candidate.

  6. Martin Luther King Jr, III

  7. Prof.Stanley C Nwoji.
    Professor of Busssiness and Entrepreneurship, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Harrisburg, USA.



  1. Dr Nelson Aluya.
    National President.
    Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee. USA.

  2. Arch Emeka Okeye.
     Africa Revolutionist (Spain)
    Keynote speaker .

  3. Ambassador Uchechukwu Ekpere Paul.
    President DYTI and NYD.

  4. Alistair Soyode.
      CEO Ben TV UK.

  5. Muhammad Sanusi II
    Fmr CBN Governor

  6. Mrs.patience Key
    Chairperson Nigeria in Diaspora USA.

  7. Dr.Emmmanuel U Undie.
    An Artificial intelligence specialist.USA.

Register Here




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Akwa ibom Governor's Lodge, Asokoro Abuja.

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