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Members of the scheme will agree on a probono basis to provide  lawyers or paralegal staff to attend police station visitation.

  • On a daily basis to review the legality and conditions of any
    suspects arrested or detained persons present.

  • Offer legal advice to such person as necessary.

  • Provide an on “call” service whereby suspects arrested or detained
    person can exercise their rights to seek legal advice.

  • Support and protect the rights of victims of gender based violence.

  • Promoting gender equality and improving access to justice for
    female survivors and victims of gender based violence.


Training of legal staff

  • A one day training targets around Jurists from all offices, including all  chambers, office of the director of public prosecution. The training will focus on how to engage gender issues in involving with  interviewing, preparing gender based violence witnesses, effective  evidence collection and investigation process, in particular how to  address violence against women.

  •  Create Awareness psychosocial perspectives and self-care among  legal staff.

  • Symposium lecture educating the youths on the consequences of  electoral violence where youths are used as thugs during election.

  • Seminars enlightening our youths on the recently passed not too  young to rule law.

  • Public sensitization on the need of speaking out when abused.


Task For The Programmes

  • Establishing content and methodologies for the training.

  • Designing training materials and handouts for participants.

  • Conducting, coordinating and facilitating the events.

  • Evaluating, training and making recommendations for further steps.

  • Documentary training results.


  • Venue booking, hire translator, additional required equipment and  also facilitate contracts to stakeholders and invite participants. Provision of lunch and travel allowance for the participants.


  • A coordinator/team lead will have the duty to assemble a list of  lawyers/paralegals that are willing to join the scheme.
  • The coordinator shall hold regular meetings with participating  members to ensure the proper function of the scheme.

  • A member of the scheme in attendance at the police station should  complete a brief report of their visit at the earliest opportunity.

  • Reports should be collated on a weekly basis.

  • Members who cannot fulfill their duty must ensure alternative arrangements are made.

Limitation of the Scheme:

  • Legal advice is limited to the circumstances relating to the detention  or investigation of suspects or an arrested person detained at the  police station and does not extend to any representation at court.

  • Legal advice to victims is limited to victims of gender based violence.


  • It is intended that the project will have a maximum duration of 3  years renewable.


  • Year 1: The scheme operating in 10 Divisional Police Station.  Symposium lectures, seminars and sensitization on human rights  must hold three (3) times in a year
  • Year 2: Scheme operating across 14 Divisional Police Stations in  each of the Areas in Abuja or States.
  • Year 3: The scheme operating in 13 Divisional Police Stations in all  Police Areas across Abuja or States.

The Legal Unit of the Nigeria Youth Decide will be led by the Coordinator/Team Lead, assisted by two lawyers and  support staff who will work directly with the coordinator.

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